Just Change is a not for profit organisation founded by six friends in Victoria who saw a gap in the current approach to energy efficiency and climate change action in Australia. We seek to fill that gap through an innovative program that gives renters,  property managers and landlords the tools they need to access the many energy efficiency schemes available in Victoria.

During 2010, Just Change completed a pilot to retro fit ten low-income private rental properties in Victoria with the support of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and Sustainability Victoria. See here for our report. For coverage of our program, see this article in the Age.

Our purpose

  • promote equity through energy efficiency
  • assist renters to make their homes more energy efficient and reduce the cost of bills
  • ensure abatement of greenhouse gas emissions
  • generate and distribute energy efficiency related resources and reference materials
  • assist disadvantaged groups adapt to climate change
  • assist and cooperate with other organisations with a view to providing complementary services to achieve the above.

Our Board

Shae Hunter

Shae is committed to projects that reduce the human impact on the environment and is especially concerned that opportunities to do so are available to all members of the community. She has worked in various roles at the intersection of social and ecological sustainability. Shae has degrees in Arts and Social Science (Environment) and experience delivering environmental education programs for small businesses and primary schools. She has acted as a consultant to local governments assisting them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and has worked at RMIT for the past two years on research projects that have outcomes for climate change adaptation as well as social and environmental sustainability.

Christie Love

Christie has a background as a residential property manager in the real estate industry and a keen interest in energy efficiency and sustainability. She is a trained thermal and energy assessor and has conducted assessment and training to households for an energy retailer. Christie is currently studying Construction Management and undertaking a research project that investigates willingness to pay for energy efficiency in rental properties. She is particularly interested in up-skilling the real estate sector in energy efficiency for buildings to improve the overall quality of building stock in Australia.

Craig Irvine

Craig is keen to see the potential for comfort, equity and environmental outcomes realised through a strategy to make Australia’s existing housing stock energy efficient. Craig's interests lie in sustainability, with a focus on practices that are good for the health of people and the environment. Craig has a background in behavioural science and business strategy and currently works as an analyst in the Broadband and Communications industry .

Belinda Strickland

Belinda is a qualified architect with over 12 years of local experience in a range of building typologies. An interest in best practice sustainable design led her to undertake a Masters of Social Science (Environment and Planning) with a particular focus on sustainable buildings and cities. Belinda is passionate about finding solutions to improve the environmental performance of existing housing stock and its positive associated outcomes in health and equity.

Alexis Denby

Lexie has been in Marketing and Sales for 12 years in various industries. An adverse Marketer, Lexie has experience in Digital, Direct Marketing, Copy Writing, Strategic Marketing and new product introduction. Currently she works in Financial Services within the Digital space. She has degrees in Arts, Science and a Master of Business focusing on Environmental Sustainability and Marketing. Lexie has is interested in educating Australian’s on the impacts of climate change and ways we can make a difference. Lexie aims to help eliminate barriers and enable those less able to implement changes in their everyday lives to lower emissions, specifically housing related emissions.



Just Change makes it easy to be energy efficient by:
  • Working with real estate agents and property owners to get consent for retrofits
  • Co-ordinating the installation of a range of products by accredited providers
  • Reducing costs by combining available subsidies, rebates and additional funding


Please consider donating to Just Change Australia