The Just Change Tenant Survey
requests your participation. Click here to take the survey.

Just Change is undertaking a survey of tenants to identify the barriers tenants face to making their homes more energy efficient. As well as the online survey Just Change is conducting the survey via snail mail in collaboration with real estate agents. If you wish your organisation to participate in the survey contact us.

Property Managers: Energy Efficiency in Rental Properties Training Session
The first pilot training sessions were successfully rolled out during the second quarter of 2012.

Just Change has developed a familiarisation session for property managers. The session considers the benefits of energy efficiency for property managers, landlords and tenants, regulation and reporting of energy efficiency, barriers to change, the particular needs of low income tenants and the interests and needs of property managers in this emerging aspect of the rental sector.

Stay tuned for information about potential training sessions in the future.

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The Just Change evaluation report
is available for download here.

Just Change was established to improve equity through energy efficiency. The Just Change Pilot retrofitted 10 low-income rental properties - at no cost to the tenant or owner - in metropolitan Melbourne.

The pilot has identified key barriers and opportunities associated with delivering energy efficiency to low-income renters for policy makers and program managers

Just Change makes it easy to be energy efficient by:
  • Working with real estate agents and property owners to get consent for retrofits
  • Co-ordinating the installation of a range of products by accredited providers
  • Reducing costs by combining available subsidies, rebates and additional funding


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